Officially certified health resort (500 – 900m)
Ühlingen Birkendorf

A true nature experience in the south of the Black Forest..

A beach holiday this year again?

Welcome to our region ROTHAUSER LAND. We invite you to get to know us and to experience The Black Forest from a different side. Spend your entire holidays or stay for just a couple of unforgettable days enjoying a quiet and relaxing time or if you prefer an adventurous and active one and top it all with traditional culinary highlights. Marvel at the beautiful landscape; observe the authentic customs of the Black Forest and its friendly inhabitants.

Everywhere you go you find immaculate nature

Up hill and down dale
Not only for enthusiastic mountain climbers
On foot through nature

The one who travels has always a tale to tell
Our forests are colourful , our valleys beautiful
A paradise for migratory birds

Hikers will have the time of their lives moving along walking tracks that extend for over 300 kilometres. You will come across an always changing landscape. Discover romantic and wild canyons and valleys. Enjoy the sun in the higher altitudes and the magnificent view to the Swiss Alps.