Fun holidays for every one...

... Possible only there where kids can have fun

Romping about the meadows 
Going on a treasure hunt with dad
Living a new adventure everyday

Gathering flowers for mum

Going on a bike tour with the whole family
Falling deeply asleep in the evening

Mum and dad enjoy a wonderful quiet evening
Have a picnic on the green, fragrant, meadow; take a refreshing plash in the nearby swimming-pool. Go on foot on the natural paths of the native forests. Families can find all what they need for a perfect holiday, because there is always something to experience in our region. We have prepared a varied holiday programme for the whole family. While the young ones enjoy a carefree day in a natural environment, the parents can lay back and forget the daily stress.

Rothauser Children Wonderland

Children want to experience new things everyday that is why we offer several activities for them anytime of the year. They can go on a “treasure hunt” along old and secluded paths or go with the ranger on a search for animal tracks, fool around playing games with the clown, or prepare a pizza for a party where you can make new friends. All what is fun and enjoyable is allowed.

Holidays on the farm –Love to the country side at first sight

Get up at the crack of dawn if you want to

Try finding the needle in the haystack

Feel really safe

Have a Ball!

Why aren`t cows purple like in the Milka commercial?

Go on an egg hunt in the middle of the summer

Holidays on the farm mean paradise on earth for young and older children and sheer relaxation for the parents! What can be nicer than starting the day with a leisurely breakfast outdoors, with fresh milk and eggs, warm bread fresh from the oven and home-made jams? The children can experience exciting things such as seeing where the milk comes from, how goats and chicken are fed, or how to bring the hay into the barn so that the cows have enough to eat during the winter months. If you feel like lending the farmer a helping hand by lifting the hayfork or cleaning the barn, children and parents are welcome to it.