Escape the routine
Where traditions and customs are alive, there we feel at home.
A region gone totally mad

Come and sing along, it is carnival time!

Let`s not exaggerate things

This is how we get rid of the winter blues

From shingle makers to basket weavers

Human beings are mortal, the Black Forest endures

Es klappert die Mühle am rauschenden Bach (folk song )

You can get to know the culture of a region first hand only there where customs are still alive and practised, like in our Rothauser Land. Every celebration, every costume, every dance tells of our Black Forest history. Such as the traditional Cyriakfest, during which tractors and other vehicles are blessed, or the Chilbi-Market which transforms the main streets into a huge open-air store 
Only once a year, on Fasnet, we don`t take life too seriously and we go a little bit loony
Artistic Moments
How about admiring some art from the Baroque period? The Museum of the Provost St.Leodegar houses different Baroque objects from the 18th century, as well as an extraordinary collection of documents from the past four centuries. If you`d rather observe art in the making then you can go on a sculpture tour to the spa gardens, where works from an international artists` symposium are displayed.
Or look at our wood-carvers over the shoulders while they work. Pay a visit to the art-metal worker, the cabinet-maker or to the stone-cutter, it will surely be worth your while. 
Do you fancy some entertainment?
Well, an evening at the cabaret, theatre or a concert-hall would be the ideal choice.

Excursion destinations for a perfect mystery tour

The Rothauser Land area is located near the borders with France and Switzerland so many outings and places worth seeing, for young and old, are at a comfortable distance. Even if you were able to see everything worth seeing this time around, visit us again next year. We would be very happy to see you here again.