A touch of adventure
Where Flora and Fauna present themselves from their best side

“Ein Männlein steht im Walde auf einem Bein” A little man is standing in the forest on one leg (folk song )

Take your walking shoes and up we go to the “Frauenschuh”

Kuckuck, Kuckuck, sounds the call from the forest

Feel the spell of the Bann forest.

On a hot day walk down the shadowy forest paths along the crystal-clear waters of the brooks and breathe in the cool scent of the fir-trees and moss and hear the call of the cuckoo in your ears. That is pure Nature! So is our ROTHAUSER LAND. Experience in our Bann forest the fascination of a virgin forest at dawn or watch the falling stars in the evening.
You will learn exciting things about the “inhabitants” of the forest during our “Waldfühlungen”( Feel the forest excursions )and you may hear the story of The Giant Tree.

Yesterday a “couch potato” - now no one can stop him.
In our region is not difficult to become active and do something for your health and fitness. Get involved in the many possibilities to practise sport. Whether you like Nordic-walking, an exciting mountain bike tour or prefer hiking in the Schlüchttal, whatever you have decided to do it is only the beginning.